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This is a regularly updated(last updated on 08 Feb 2024) record of what I'm currently doing...


Socrates talking into a Mic

My biggest personal project is MindOS - creating a Mental Operating System. This is a long project - my current estimate is around 10 years. But I have a principle of learning in public - so I have a running log of all things I learned as I try to build it available as a newsletter at MindOS.in. If a newsletter is too much reading for you, try the twitter or instagram channels.

Learn Marketing to Teach PKM

Zettelkasten and the Art of Knowledge Management

I published a book about Personal Knowledge Management(PKM) called Zettelkasten and the Art of Knowledge Management in October 2023. I hope to teach more people about the benefits of PKM using Zettelkasten through this book - and marketing it well is an important criteria for it. To do that, I must learn marketing first.

Restart life in Lisbon


I moved to Europe(Lisbon, to be precise) from India in the beginning of 2023. I'm still in the process of settling here. I joined a few communities, created a network of friends and started exploring the area. It's a beautiful city, so I have been taking a lot of photos.