I am Binny V A, a Freelance Web Developer on the LAMP Platform(Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) based at Cochin, Kerala, India.

If you wish to contact me, you can send an email to .

Binny, the Blogger

I have quite a few(and according to some, way too many) sites/blogs. If you are a web developer, try Bin-Blog - its a blog about subjects like web development, LAMP, PHP, Firefox, etc. If you are interested in JavaScript, OpenJS is what you are looking for. For more general purpose programming information, try the Bin-Co site. For Free Software, Linux guys, there is LinDesk and txt(Linux Commands).

If you still haven't found a site you liked, you are, what I would call a normal human being. My personal/humor blog, Binny V A is what you need.

Confused? Yeah, me too - so here is a list of all my blogs...

I also have an aggregator for all my blogs(even I find it a bit difficult to follow them all manually)

Binny, the Programmer

From the list of blogs I have and its topics, you should have guessed that I am a programmer. I prefer the title of Web Developer, but it is a subset of the programmer group. I specialize in the LAMP Platform - most of the work I do is on PHP and JavaScript languages. I am fluent in quite a few computer languages...

I can code in the 'bigger' languages like Java, C, C++ etc. but I prefer not to. I stick to dynamic, scripting languages as much as possible. Besides, I am not very good at those 'enterprisey' languages.

Over the years, I have made a fair number of FLOSS Software - the most prominent ones are...

Nexty is a easy to use GTD tool created in PHP.
JSL - JavaScript Library
JSL or "JavaScript Library" is, well, a JavaScript Library. It borrows many ideas from jQuery.
A framework for developing Web applications
Frees is a Python GTK application for Linux - it is a Hard Disk Drives Free Space Viewer.
And More
A lot more...

Binny, the Plugin Developer

In addition to full applications, I make plugins for some open source projects too...

WordPress Plugins
A lot of wordpress plugins, actually.
Firefox Plugin
Just one so far - URL Lister

All my new projects will be announced at Bin-Blog - so I really suggest you subscribe to its feed.

Binny, the Netizen

In addition to all that, I am addicted to the internet. I guess you figured that out already. These are some of the spots I hang out on the net. Feel free to join me there...

Binny, the Cochin 'er

Being a freelancer(and lazy), I have a lot of free time. As a result, I am active/semi-active in few organizations in and around Cochin. For example...