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This is a regularly updated(last updated on 25 Apr 2022) record of what I'm currently doing...


Socrates talking into a Mic

My biggest personal project is MindOS - creating a Mental Operating System. This is a long project - my current estimate is around 10 years. But I have a principle of learning in public - so I have a running log of all things I learned as I try to build it available as a newsletter at MindOS.in. If a newsletter is too much reading for you, try the twitter or instagram channels.

Zettelkasten, Digital Garden

Zettelkasten Note Link Map

I've discovered Zettelkasten Note Taking technique/Personal Knowledge Management system in mid 2020. I've fallen in love with it since then.

  • Theory: I'm trying to make it more approachable to others - to that end, I made an Interactive Introduction to Zettelkasten.
  • Practice: I've been taking notes in the Zettelkasten format for almost a year now. I'm publishing all of it at Digital Zen Garden
  • Tools: I have created tools that aid in the Zettelkasten process - the main one being Gatsby Garden

Make A Difference

Two people in MAD T-Shirt

I'm the Director of Technology at Make A Difference, an NGO working with Children in Need of Care and Protection.

Most of the tech I make for MAD is Open Source and available at our GitHub account.